Moving 101

It’s almost summer and as the weather heats up, so does the real estate market. To those deciding to purchase a new home, I have some advice to ensure a smooth and successful move. In my time as both a real estate agent and a homeowner, I have seen good moves and I have seen bad ones. I have watched moves that featured a moving truck burst into flames after it was hit by another car, and I have seen snow storms hit the day of a move causing all roads to be closed!  A bad move can produce a lot of stress, as well as put a damper on the excitement of moving into your new home. Yes, the toll of moving is often an underestimated one; but my advice, I assure you, will help mitigate your transition into your new home!

First of all, get a checklist. There are hundreds online. I have a great one I am happy to share!

Next, arrange to have your pets and small children taken care of for the day, away from the move. In fact, the fewer people you can have around on moving day, the better; this includes family and friends. Movers are professionals—so try and let them do their jobs without having anything or anyone get in their way! The free labour will get in the way of the paid labour and just slow them down.

When I moved, I chose a weekday while my kids were at school, and my husband was at work! Get your family and friends to help you pack and unpack, especially delicate things, but not while you are paying for movers to load a truck. Finally, do not let a moving truck leave your house without everything—don’t decide that you will come back for it later. No one ever wants to go back!

My biggest advise is to hire professional cleaners to clean your old house. It just makes sense. First, you want to have the buyers of your home walk in and say “wow”. The disappointment of walking into a new house that is dirty is huge. Second, a strange and wonderful thing happens when you set the last few boxes down on the floor of your new home – you don’t want to go back. Not ever! You want to spend what little energy and hours you have left that day turning your new house into a home!

This is a blog to keep for your next move.